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Go to Personal Training

Personal Training

Got a goal? Great. Lacking motivation? No problem. Let’s work together starting from the ground up. This is hands on training to problem solve, implement progressive movements, and proactive programming to give you control over your body, and the ability push beyond.

Go to Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

Making a weight loss goal a reality is often 80% nutrition, and 20% training. Are you honestly ready to make a change? Let’s teach your how to make appropriate choices for your goal that actually fit your lifestyle. We will implement habits and tools to keep you on track for success.

Go to Virtual Training

Virtual Training

With hectic schedules, frequent travel, and the need to do all things at once, virtual training may be the answer for you. Here we work together in an online space. You will perform daily and weekly checkins, submit videos and get direct feedback from me. Train wherever, whenever.

Go to Events & Workshops

Events & Workshops

Want to host a team training or event? No problem. We can tailor a training just for your groups needs. Solo but looking for that missing connection? Join a workshop where you will learn and meet others who are tackling the same challenges as you. Here we are truly stronger togehter.

About Kayleigh

A lot of punch packed into one bite.

Born and raised in Sunny California and often described as driven, structured, and high energy.

With over 10 years working experience, I have had the pleasure to coach individuals from just about every age group. As a personal trainer and fitness professional, I understand that everyone’s relationship to exercise is different. There is no one size fits all prescription, nor an overnight solution.

My role as a personal trainer is to coach my clients to their goals, efficiently and successfully. When working with my clients we first establish trust and assess our current starting point. This is followed by a learning phase where we learn new movement patters and implement personalized tools and strategies. Our goal is to work together to find a sustainable plan that can be maintained for the long term in order achieve success. It is about making your goals reachable, manageable, and ultimately a reality… not just a dream.

Coaching is my passion, let me show you that you can do it!


Live stronger.

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