The Whole30: Day 26

Is the thought of ending your Whole30 just as terrifying as it was to start?  Have you been counting down the days till Day30 only to realized that it’s this week, and  you totally think that you have counted wrong?  Do you feel sad on the inside knowing the end is finally insight?  Don’t worry… we Read more about The Whole30: Day 26[…]

The Whole30: Day 24-25

Never a tasteless moment with these ladies!  Just arrived back after a lovely weekend away with the girls.  Yes, by the looks of the pictures the food was amazing and of course… Whole30 approved! Looking for meal inspiration in your last week of the Whole30?  Try some of these meal ideas… Grilled BBQ Chicken & Roasted Read more about The Whole30: Day 24-25[…]

The Whole30: Day 23

Wholy sweet mother of ***!!!  I just made ice cream!!! Yep… you read that right, here my friends is a taste of summer without breaking your Whole30.  And don’t worry!  It’s as simple to make as it is beautiful.  Seriously!  Here is the how to… Mid Summer’s Dream Sorbet – dairy & sugar free 2 Egg whites Read more about The Whole30: Day 23[…]

The Whole30: Day 19-22

Been wondering where I have been lately?  Me too… These past couple of days I have really felt myself getting hyper-focused on all things related to The Whole30. Lately I have found myself pulling away from friends because I wanted to prep my Whole30 meals.  And telling myself that staying up late to plan what I was going Read more about The Whole30: Day 19-22[…]

The Whole30: Day 18

“Are smoothies healthy for me?”  Is your Pinterest feed jam-packed with green smoothie recipes and how to add super foods to your smoothie?  Has your Instagram been blowing up with pictures of fitness gurus starting each day with a raw energy shot or protein smoothie? Humm… “To jump or not to jump … on the smoothie bandwagon?”  That was the question readers asked Read more about The Whole30: Day 18[…]

The Whole30: Day 17

Whole30 Day 17 included a relaxing weekend away.  Time with friends and family, a chance to unwind and recenter.  We arrived on Saturday morning and left Sunday afternoon.  This included traveling and planning ahead to make my Whole30 a success.  Prior to attending I knew my host would be offering lunch, dinner, drinks, breakfast, and lunch the Read more about The Whole30: Day 17[…]

The Whole30: Day 16

It’s Friday!  Finally!  And here in Sweden, that means Fredagsmys (Friday-Cozy)!  Not a Swede?  Or unfamiliar with the term fredagsmys… here is a short summary. Fredagsmys är aktiviteter där familj eller vänner samlas på fredagkvällen för att markera arbetsveckans slut och ladda upp tillsammans inför helgen. Fredagsmys is an activity or collection of activities where family and friends gather on Friday evening to mark the end Read more about The Whole30: Day 16[…]

Have you been missing Ketchup? #Whole30Problems

Have you been missing ketchup on your Whole30?  Well today is your lucky day, because in last night’s Whole30 Team Meeting we problem solved just about every item on the do not have list and turned it into a CAN have!  All you have to do is think outside the box and be willing to make Read more about Have you been missing Ketchup? #Whole30Problems[…]

The Whole30: Day 13

“It’s not what we don’t know that hurts us … it’s what we believe is true that isn’t true that does the damage.” -Melody Beattie This picture is from last night at The RUN.  I am standing next to my PT client David who spent his whole life believing that he simply could not run. Read more about The Whole30: Day 13[…]