The Whole30: Day 4

Sunday night is upon us… and that means time for food prep.  Lemon chicken cooking in the oven, grilled veggies done, and the lunch boxes are laid out waiting to be filled.  Yep… typical Sunday night in my household.  

Sunday is also the day when my plants get watered and have their baths.  Read “About Kayleigh Carter”… I’m trying out a new hobby, indoor gardening.  Not joking.  So currently it’s a bit kitchen meets jungle at the moment.  Love it!

If you are wondering what you should be packing for your prepared meals.  Check out the Whole30 meal planning guide.    ImageBe sure to include a protein source, veggies, and a healthy fat to help keep your meals nutritiously balanced, and your hunger at ease.  You can use the image above to help guide you with appropriate portion sizes.  Be mindful of portions sizes for nuts, coconut products, and oils.  Just because they are sources of healthy fats, does not make them calorie free.  If you are trying to lose weight don’t shy away from adding fat to your diet, just beware of your portion sizes.  

*Original image from – follow link to see the original Whole30 meal planning guide


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