The Whole30: Day 5

Why are you doing the Whole30?  That was one of the main points of discussion in todays The Whole30 Challenge team meeting.  Huge shout out to all of my clients who attended!  Wow!  What a great group of individuals we have!  Students, professionals, parents, best friends, couples, sisters, fitness fanatics, and beginners… we’ve got it all.  Today the team shared why they choose to do the Whole30, these were some of their responses.

  • “To quit my sugar addiction … and I am hungry all of the time.”
  • “To see how my body feels … I have stomach problems and I have been reading a lot about food allergians.”
  • “I like a challenge…”
  • “We’ve been talking about getting rid of the dairy in our diet … now we are actually going to do it.”
  • “I feel better with structure … I have been through so many ups in downs recently, it feels good to have a balance and stability.”
  • “I want to stabilize my blood sugar.”
  • “I was addicted to soda, and I tend to like all things with sugar in them.”
  • “I need to make a change.”
  • “I’ve done it before and I felt amazing afterwards!”
  • “In support … I didn’t want to be the only one in our circle of friends munching on chocolate!”
  • “Why not…”

What about me you ask… I am doing the Whole30 because I am a firm believer that you must practice what you preach.  If I was prepared to ask some of my clients to give up dairy and grains, then I better be more than willing to do the same.  And while I would not consider myself to eat poorly before the Whole30, I can agree that after reading the food labels the way I am now… I was over consuming sugar without evening knowing it.  Not to mention after a full day on my feet with clients, multiple workouts a day, and early mornings and late nights, my energy levels were low and I was constantly hungry.  I needed a reset. And while we are only on Day 5, I can honestly say that I feel amazing! Yes, I have experienced low energy levels at the start of a cardio workout, and finding a breakfast that I liked did take some time.  But, I have also felt like a machine on my most recent run, I haven’t needed coffee to stay awake in the afternoon, and I am not craving a pick-me up around 3pm.  So as far as I can say… I am one happy camper.

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