The Whole30: Day 7

week1We did it!  We have made it through Week 1 of the Whole30!  Like I said before… I am feeling GREAT!  But this is largely because I changed my eating habits prior to starting the Whole30 to help ease myself into things and avoid having withdrawal systems during Week 1.  However, after talking to my clients and those participating here is what I have heard from you after finishing your first week.

  1. Feeling tired
  2. Feeling hungry
  3. Crapy first workouts
  4. Headaches lasting for multiple days
  5. Thinking about sugar
  6. Sick of eating eggs

Guys… just hang in there!  I felt all of those things too!  I felt so tired that I came home directly after work and slept… all night!  I had headaches for about a week when I gave up coffee and sugar.  I was craving dried fruit because I still wanted the sugar!  My first spin class felt weak… really weak.  And I was nervous being around food that was not Whole30 compliant, both because I knew that I still wanted the non-compliant food and because I know that I have very little self control when I am tired or hungry.

Right now… I feel amazing!  Not being held by a ball and chain to my former coffee addiction feels awesome.  I would normally take coffee 3-4 times a day to stay alert and peppy during my work day.  And if I didn’t… things would be at a stand still (if you know what I mean).  No coffee for me at work… and it feels so good.  I also had my first personal workout separate from my fitness classes, and I felt like an iron machine!  I did 1hr of strength training and 30 min of cardio directly after at a medium intensity level.  I was cautious throughout the workout being mindful that just a few days prior I felt weak and limp during spin.  Nope!  This time around I felt like a train that could run down the rails forever.  But lets be real… treadmill running is the worlds most boring activity ever! UGH!

So far my spirits are high!  And I am looking forward to continuing with the Whole30.  But … I am not perfect so I am expecting this honeymoon phase to end soon.  We will see.  I will keep you posted!  For all of you out there who are doing this with me… Way to go!  You did it!  You made it through Week 1!

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