The Whole30: Day 9

Gosh… what a week!  Day 9 is filled with so many emotions!  With our first week done and our first full week of workouts under our belts, I am positive that I am not the only one who is feeling a bit more than tired… how about exhausted!  Don’t be confused.  I know I told you that I am feeling great, but after a week of clients, teaching classes, personal workouts, meetings and oh yah life in general… by Friday I am just as exhausted as everyone else.  Whole30 buzzing or not!

This week has given me a huge reality check and general perspective on my attitude and emotions towards food.  To round up my most recent thoughts, here is what I figured out during my first 9 days.

  • Not eating dairy and grains IS NOT HARD … seriously … there are way more difficult things in life to stress over.
  • Sugar is literally in everything… Why is there sugar in frozen chicken!?  #WTF
  • Food is not a reward… why do we tell ourselves that it is?  “Eat it… you deserve it…”
  • Getting enough sleep can be the difference between having a good day or a bad day on the Whole30.
  • Yes you can go to a bar, not order a drink, and still have fun.
  • No!  No, I will not live in an anti-social cave for 30 days just because I have decided to eat differently and not drink alcohol!
  • Meal Prep is key!  Failing to prepare your food ahead of time will leave you hungry and stressed in times of need.
  • Be smart… plan your meals according to your activity level for the day.
  • Your friends will understand and support you!  Bring your own food to the dinner party… it will be OK I promise!
  • The Whole30 is not a diet, but rather an alternate way of thinking and viewing food.

With plenty more days ahead… I know there will be more to learn and to reflect on.  As we head into the weekend, and you find yourself relaxing and thinking back on this past week, is there anything you want to share about your first 9 days?  Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts and or questions.  Happy weekend!

2 thoughts on “The Whole30: Day 9

  • Hi Kayleigh!
    I was, as you, exhausted yeasterday evening after a full week of work and training 🙂
    after these nine days I’ve noticed the following things:
    -I’m not that hungry anymore between my meals and my blood sugar level feels more even than before.
    -I feel more full now after my meals than in the start of whole30.
    -In the first 5 days of the whole30 I felt so exhausted and dizzy through my workouts but then, after your wise words 🙂 I’ve started to add more carbs in my meals that I’m having before workouts and work shifts on the hospital and feel so great!! 😀 Carbs that I add can for example be sweet potatoe and carrots etc.
    -I’ve noticed that I need at least 20-30 minutes warm up in my training sessions.
    -I’ve noticed that I get more lactid acid than before during my running workouts, this is often in the beginning of the run and disapears after approximately 20 minutes. After those 20minutes it feels like I could go on forever!! 😀
    -My stomach feels bloated.
    -I have to drink more water!
    This I think was it for the moment 🙂 But so far I’m thrilled to continue with the whole30 😀
    Have a great weekend!!! We can all do this!! 🙂

    • Way to go Emma! You energy is contagious and inspiring! I KNOW we can do this! And I am so happy to hear that you are ready to keep the movement going! Keep planning ahead, experimenting with new foods, and keeping a record how you feel throughout your workouts. We are looking for a pattern, and for foods that make you the best you!

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