The Whole30: Day 16

It’s Friday!  Finally!  And here in Sweden, that means Fredagsmys (Friday-Cozy)!  Not a Swede?  Or unfamiliar with the term fredagsmys… here is a short summary.

Fredagsmys är aktiviteter där familj eller vänner samlas på fredagkvällen för att markera arbetsveckans slut och ladda upp tillsammans inför helgen.
Fredagsmys is an activity or collection of activities where family and friends gather on Friday evening to mark the end of the working week and unwind together for the weekend.

Exempel på fredagsmys… Kvällen kan avnjutas med hämtmat eller plockmat, tilltugg, godis och ibland alkoholdrycker. Kollegor kan även uppleva fredagsmys genom att äta en gemensam lunch på någon restaurang.
Examples of fredagsmys … The evening can be enjoyed with takeaways or finger foods, snacks, candy and sometimes alcoholic beverages. Colleagues may also experience fredagsmys by eating a lunch at any restaurant.  

Still don’t get it… try this video.


So… without sugar, alcohol, godis, fika, chips, and the typical take-away dinner, what is fredagsmys while on the Whole30?

Remember we can’t live in a cave for 30 days just because we are eating differently!  If you don’t have plans this weekend, make some!  Throw a dinner party… heat up the grill… invite a friend for a picnic… or enjoy a walk in nature.  Whatever you do… just remember this should be an enjoyable 30 days – not a punishment.  If you a experiencing the Whole30 weekend blues, try reading this article from Pain-Free Kitchen, Surviving a Whole30 Weekend.

So far during the Whole30 my fredagmys have included…

  • Working out with my workout buddy
  • Going to a dinner party
  • Enjoying a private sauna after work
  • Cooking a nice meal for myself and listening to my favorite music
10299630_1504272236461297_1731185555_n (1)

Picture from my workout today. Pretty sure my workout buddy was not happy with me being so “distracted”. But what could I say… it’s Friday!

So however you enjoy to spend your Friday night… just make sure that you do.  Take care guys.  Happy Weekend.

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