The Whole30: Day 19-22

374046_3262686945512_1838997409_n_large (1)Been wondering where I have been lately?  Me too… These past couple of days I have really felt myself getting hyper-focused on all things related to The Whole30.

Lately I have found myself pulling away from friends because I wanted to prep my Whole30 meals.  And telling myself that staying up late to plan what I was going to eat over the weekend when I am away with friends was more important than sleeping at my normal time.  Even the blog was turing into something negative when I would fret over which was more important, visiting a friend after work or writing about my Whole30 experience and prepping my food for the next day… all this sounds crazy, but it’s true.

So did I break my Whole30?
– No.  I am still going strong.

Do I still want to continue?
– Yes, absolutely!  I love eating clean and the way my body feels when I do.

Did I need a bit of a reset and perhaps some good friends to pull me out of the clouds?
– Yes… that is what good friends are for!  Cheers to you ladies… you are all wonderful.

So what’s next?
– “Build a bridge and get over it” … My mom always said that to me!  No, I am not saying that my obsessive thoughts are something to shrug off and just get over.  But I am saying that me dwelling on my over-obsessing is really just another form of my obsessing over the Whole30… so build a bridge, find some balance, and get over it!

What’s my advice to all of you still reading?
– Remember why you decided to do the Whole30 in the first place.  For some it was to rid yourself of your sugar addiction.  Some of you were looking to try better manage your food allergies.  For others, you were simply interested in learning about your body and what your body really needs?

For me… I wanted to clean up my eating to enhance my already healthy and active lifestyle.  Being social, participating in life, and enjoying food with others are all a part of well-balanced active lifestyle.  No where in It Starts With Food does it say that not joining friends for dinner or removing yourself from situations where there is non Whole30 approved foods is a healthy lifestyle choice.

Remember to be confident in yourself and trust yourself to make the right decision when it comes to food.  The Whole30 should be a kickstart to a new way of thinking, a new found sense of self-confidence, and a learning experience to help you build a lifestyle that best suits your needs after the 30 days.  Learn about yourself.  Love yourself… let yourself be loved.  Don’t hold yourself back out of fear that you will break your Whole30, or that after the 30 days you will slip back into your old habits.  Food is always your choice.  Have confidence that you will make the best decision for you when the time comes.

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