Whole30 Round2 Starts Today

whole30round2Day 1 of the Whole30 – Round 2 starts today and I couldn’t be more excited!  It has been on my mental count down for weeks and I am so excited to share this journey will all of you!  Just like in Round 1 I will be sharing the personal stories, experiences, and results from both myself and my Whole30 Team of clients and supporters!  So here we go… jumping in head first and ready to change our habits and mindset from the inside out.

If you are new to the Whole30 please feel free to check out the Whole30 homepage as the site is JAM PACKED with resources, tips, and tools to help you have a successful Whole30.  And if you are a Whole30 veteran… be sure to check out the site too!  You won’t wanna miss the entire section dedicated just to those who have already experienced their first Whole30 and are looking to do it again, or just wish to stay current with the Whole30 movement!

And for everyone’s sake – including my own – let’s recap and define our parameters of the next 30 days …

  • No added sugar of any kind, real or artificial
  • No dairy
  • No grains
  • No legumes
  • No carrageenan, MSG or sulfites
  • No alcohol in any form, not even for cooking. (And it should go without saying, but no tobacco products of any sort, either.)
  • No Paleo-ifying baked goods, desserts, or junk foods
  • And finally, you are not allowed to step on the scale or take any body measurements for the duration of the program.

So as intimidating as this may sound for some of you, and as simple as this may sound for others … this will be our story for better or for worse.  We, The Whole30 Challenge Team Members and myself (Their fearless – ok… not so fearless – leader, personal trainer, #1 cheerleader, and coach) will share with you our Whole30 journey and give you some encouragement, resources, and inspiration along the way!

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