Birthday celebration at B.A.R in Stockholm

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bar 7bar 4T.G.I.F – And for all you Swedes out there reading along going… “WTF!?!”  Thats short for Thank God It’s Friday!  BOOM!  Yep… that may seem so early 2000’s to some of you… and yes I might be dating myself with my poor choice of slang but seriously!  Can I get an AMEN people… it’s FRIDAY!

And to celebrate I joined family and friends for a birthday celebration at B.A.R in Stockholm.  Nope – not my birthday!  I was just a very happy guest as this was the first time ever that I tried to eat out during a Whole30.

Luckly for me the host selected such an AMAZING restaurant!  After reading the menu online… I instantly knew that I was going to be able to find something that was Whole30 approved!

I was a B.A.R virgin so to speak… so the waitress took extra time to explain how they worked exactly.

First, you have the opportunity to order starters which are served like tapas.  These are small dishes meant to be shared with the dinner party.

Next you are encouraged to take a stroll to the “ice box” where guests are able hand select their main course and are offered a wide selection of fresh fish, shell-fish, and fine meats.  It was also encouraged that we ask the chefs questions about each specific cut of meat or variety of fish.  You can also ask for information about their cooking techniques, possible menu suggestions, and wine pairings.

When you return to the table, your waitress returns to complete your order.  We were then suggested to select two side dishes, which ranged in variety from mixed salads and grilled vegetables, to richer dishes such as risotto and stuffed tomatoes.

And being as we were in Sweden… the meal ended with fika of course!  Coffee and dessert, along with an enticing selection of loose leaf tea, and a selection of fine liquors.

All in all – I was beyond impressed!  I was nervous, but as soon as it was encouraged to talk to the chefs I was instantly comforted and knew that I would be able to keep my Whole30 going strong!  I enjoyed the last selection of grilled duck!  It was to die for!  For my side dishes I ordered an avocado, grapefruit, and pomegranate salad, along with Mediterranean-style marinated vegetables.  And while I passed on the alcohol, I did enjoy a rooibos orange tea… which was the icing on this Whole30 cake!

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Image Source: All images were taken from B.A.R’s Instagram Account.  Follow the link to follow!

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