Have you done your meal planning and food prep?

Happy Monday!  Week 1 of the Whole30 is done and we are headed at full speed into Week 2!

Have you done your meal planning and food prep?  Have you packed your lunch box and possible snacks?  As you read this are you already daydreaming about what you are going to have for dinner?  –  Hope that’s a yes!

If so … then you probably have already discovered that it’s nearly impossible to buy anything anymore without some form of added sugar!  Both in the States and in Sweden… the struggle is real!

Please can someone tell me why the frozen chicken breasts at ICA have sugar in them!  WTF!?!  And talk about trying to find a sausage, or deli meat that is Whole30 approved – it’s just not gonna happen.  Unless you communicate and ask your butcher about how each selection of meat is treated and packaged, be aware that many ready-to-go deli meats have sugar and non-whole preservatives!

So to help with your shopping frustrations here are two resources that I give to my PT clients to help them navigate through the grocery store a bit easier.  Print out the PDF downloads (click on the images) and take them with you to the store, or save them and upload them to your smartphone so that they are always just a finger tap way!



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