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I often find myself unable to sleep.  As I lay down each night my brain is racing.  Filled with new ideas… vidid emotions… replayed conversations… and dreams so big them seem like tiny stars shining so far away.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

My work as a personal trainer provides me with some of my life’s greatest moments of joy, self-discovery, inspiration, and victory.  These moments are indescribable… more rich in emotion than a first kiss or unwrapping a gift.  These moments that I share with my clients are moments of genuine happiness.

The moment when they realize that they can…  That they are strong.  They are powerful.  They are beautiful.  And regardless of where they started they know they can reach any goal because they believe in themselves, and that moment is priceless.

And just as there can be no light without darkness – I have also faced extreme sadness, self-hate, defeat… and human vulnerability.  My heart breaks when they share their stories and I see how much they are hurting.  It is my greatest weakness as a personal trainer – but it is also my strength.

I know the pains of self-hate.  I know the darkness… the sadness… the feelings of defeat and lack of self-worth.  I care too much… because I know how much it hurts.

And when they hurt.  I hurt.

But I have changed.  I have grown.  I have let go of the negativity that was ultimately holding me back, and welcomed myself to positive living.

My biggest dream is take away the pain, the negativity, and the self-hate.  I wish to heal.  I wish to inspire.  I wish to empower!!!

And when the rest of the world sleeps… I am planning my blue print.  How will I make an impact?  How will I reach those that I have not yet met?  How can I teach others to share the power of positivity and self-love?  Where do I begin in world filled with social media, self-imposed stereotypes, and societal pressures?

I start with one step forward.  And then the next.  And then the next…

So follow me as I transition kayleighcarter.com into a place of self-love, inspiration, and empowerment.  Don’t worry – there will still be a focus on clean eating and living an active lifestyle, but now with a positive twist.

So welcome to the new kayleighcarter.com.  And welcome yourself to positive living.


6 thoughts on “Welcome to the new Kayleighcarter.com

  • Way to go girl! I really believe and think that the meaning with life is to give “the little extra” to people, it does’nt have to be anything special or big .. Just as simple as a smile or a hug can be enough to make someones day to a great day. To help and inspire others give you so much positivity back. In my work as a nurse I try to give it all to all the children and their families. I specially feel a bit more for all the teenagers who are in the middle of their lives and therefor I try to encourage them to think and dream big, aim high and always believe in themselves. Self hate is just to common among young people and believe me I really know all about how that feels and effect your life. I don’t dare to think about how my life would be today if I had’nt contacted you in march for helping me get out of the really bad and dark viscious circle I was in. Your way of supporting, giving it all and always being there for your clients is worthless and BIG. I Will definitely share your message about sharing positivity and focus on all the good things in life. We only live once so live your life the way you want it to be! 🙂

    • This is the sweetest!!! Thank you Emma for all of your love and support! I am so proud of you, and I couldn’t be happier to see you happy and healthy!

      You are a huge source of inspiration! And you energy is contagious! You really give your heart and soul to others and it really shows in all that you do!

      Keep it up tiger! Share the love! Pass along the message of positivity! And keep loving yourself and loving life! XOXOXO /K

  • Just wanted you to know that your new website looks awesome! And I really think that you are a big inspiration, not only to me, but to everybody out there needing help. I really hope that our ways will cross in the future, so that we get a chance of working together again 🙂 Have a fantastic weekend! /Sofia

    • This just made my day! Thank you Sofia! We are a great Ying and Yang team… and I am 100% confident that we will continue to work together in the future! I am loving our book… and can’t wait to meet for the book club! Thank you for your encouraging words!!!! Take care… /Kayleigh

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