Inhale. Exhale. Rejoice in the beauty of living. 

There are hidden joys waiting to be found in each and everyday.

For me – an unexpected invitation to try SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) Yoga was one of those hidden gems.  As a self proclaimed newbie to the yoga universe, I found the entire experience to be both daring and exhilarating.

Daring to trying something new.  Daring to go alone.  And daring to put myself out there in open water with no idea on how things would turn out.

But beyond worth it.

From the first inhale, and exhale… We stretched out hands open to the sky and the view of blue clouds and sounds of summer quickly transformed fear into strength and comfort.

As we continued through each movement I could feel myself find my balance and come into a sense of flow on the water.  Too ridge movements and it was easy to loose balance and focus.  Too soft and it was just as hard to hold each pose and maintain control on the board.  Finding a sense of balance was key.

And so can it be in life as well.  Too much push and it is easy to fall into the water.  Too little resistance and it’s hard to hold the pose on top of the board.  Balance is key in everything we do.  From work, to love, to play, and even health.  Finding the right balance of each is the challenge we all face.  How you find that balance is what makes the journey your own.

So inhale. Exhale. And rejoice in the beauty of living.


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