5 May, 2012


I am a ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and fitness professional living in Uppsala, Sweden.  Here you will find my perspective on training, goal setting, and topics related to the fitness industry.

As a fitness professional I want to share my best practices, personal real-life stories, and shine light on what it means to train for most of us living in the real word.

When I am not with clients you might find me hosting an outdoor training class, working out in my home gym, or maybe even… gasp… doing nothing with training at all!  I love being creative, learning new skills, and obtaining new knowledge.  If your looking for me during off hours and still can’t find me, I am probably recharging my batteries by being alone in nature.  So please leave me a message after the beep… (Yes, that’s how old I am.)  I enjoy deep conversations and a wide variety of topics.

So if that sounds like your jam, send me an email or leave a comment, I would love to connect.

More about my work and the site soon.