Butternut Squash & Lentils Soup

As the fall wind rolls in, and leaves begin to turn.  Nothing makes us feel more cozy during the changing of the seasons like a warm cup of soup.  Cosy up with this simple fix.  Easy to make, but far from boring on flavor.  Mix up the season of “pumpkin everything”, with this non-traditional mix of Read more about Butternut Squash & Lentils Soup[…]

Inspiration from a Plus-Size Runner

I know this may come as a shock to many, especially if you pick of a recent copy of any popular fitness or sport magazine… but guys – there is no such thing as a runner’s body.  Point blank. Erica Schenk, a plus-size Wilhelmina model was this month’s Women’s Running cover girl, showing women that there isn’t a Read more about Inspiration from a Plus-Size Runner[…]

Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday If you are not satisfied with where you are now change it.  Everything you need to make a change is already inside you.  Hire a personal trainer.  Go back to school.  Revamp your resume so you can get that new job you’ve been dreaming of.  Whatever it is… Just don’t talk about it… Read more about Motivation Monday[…]

Inhale. Exhale. Rejoice in the beauty of living. 

There are hidden joys waiting to be found in each and everyday. For me – an unexpected invitation to try SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) Yoga was one of those hidden gems.  As a self proclaimed newbie to the yoga universe, I found the entire experience to be both daring and exhilarating. Daring to trying something Read more about Inhale. Exhale. Rejoice in the beauty of living. […]

Green Curry Guacamole

Does your New Years Diet have you dying for flavor?!?  Missing those boneless chicken wings with chipotle sauce… Street tacos and ice cold beer… Blue cheese bacon burgers?  Well – who isn’t! Sorry love… But those beach bodies weren’t made off of grandma’s killer mac n’cheese. So if your feeling the clean eating blues, are Read more about Green Curry Guacamole[…]

Why can’t I be positive 100% of the time?

Positivity … How can it be so hard?  Do you know someone who is seriously positive ALL the time?  So positive that it seems like they are never having a bad day?  And even tho you hate to admit it, you even tell yourself that it must be fake and that no one can be that positive ALL Read more about Why can’t I be positive 100% of the time?[…]

Is your own negativity holding you back?

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to catch yourself in a bad mood?  I often doesn’t take much for us to give into negativity… simply an image on Instagram, or a post on Facebook can be powerful enough to send your happy-go-lucky self into a negativity downfall. It may seem easier at times, worthwhile, or Read more about Is your own negativity holding you back?[…]