Family, friends, happiness, & health

This weekend was filled with family, friends, happiness, and health!  Cheers to everyone who helped make this Whole30 Weekend one of my best Whole30 Weekends yet! “Optimism is a happiness magnet.  If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you.” – Mary Lou Retton  Did you check out those pancakes! Read more about Family, friends, happiness, & health[…]

Birthday celebration at B.A.R in Stockholm

T.G.I.F – And for all you Swedes out there reading along going… “WTF!?!”  Thats short for Thank God It’s Friday!  BOOM!  Yep… that may seem so early 2000’s to some of you… and yes I might be dating myself with my poor choice of slang but seriously!  Can I get an AMEN people… it’s FRIDAY! Read more about Birthday celebration at B.A.R in Stockholm[…]

The Whole30: Day 6

Monday night I hosted our first Whole30 Challenge team meeting.  24 hours later… and still feel on cloud nine reliving the energy of our group discussions.  All day today I kept replaying the key statements made, the stories shared, and the take-away messages of yesterday.  I am blown away with the openness of the group and Read more about The Whole30: Day 6[…]