The Whole30: Day 30

Day 30 was just like any other day…  I started my day with my normal breakfast bowl of arugula, granny smith apple, cucumber, avocado, hard boiled egg, coconut shavings, seeds, and walnuts.  Sound delicious?  It is!  Seriously – this bowl is sometimes the reason I get out of be early in the mornings!  Give it[…]

The Whole30: Day 7

We did it!  We have made it through Week 1 of the Whole30!  Like I said before… I am feeling GREAT!  But this is largely because I changed my eating habits prior to starting the Whole30 to help ease myself into things and avoid having withdrawal systems during Week 1.  However, after talking to my clients and[…]

The Whole30: Day 5

Why are you doing the Whole30?  That was one of the main points of discussion in todays The Whole30 Challenge team meeting.  Huge shout out to all of my clients who attended!  Wow!  What a great group of individuals we have!  Students, professionals, parents, best friends, couples, sisters, fitness fanatics, and beginners… we’ve got it[…]