Reasons to #Whole30

Found this today via Facebook (Ah… the magic of social media!) and I couldn’t agree with it more!  Seriously people!  The Whole30 is a life changing experience! I couldn’t agree more with  #2! All of the sudden, food has an entirely new meaning.  Prior to my first Whole30, I couldn’t imagine my life without my protein powder Read more about Reasons to #Whole30[…]

The Whole30: Day 30

Day 30 was just like any other day…  I started my day with my normal breakfast bowl of arugula, granny smith apple, cucumber, avocado, hard boiled egg, coconut shavings, seeds, and walnuts.  Sound delicious?  It is!  Seriously – this bowl is sometimes the reason I get out of be early in the mornings!  Give it Read more about The Whole30: Day 30[…]

The Whole30: Day 28

Gosh guys!  Never knew we were soo on trend… jk!  I spent last night searching on Youtube for some Whole30 videos to share with you and found a bunch of hits via American news channels.  Seeing as I have not been back in the States for sometime… I figured one or two were worth watching.  But Read more about The Whole30: Day 28[…]

The Whole30: Day 26

Is the thought of ending your Whole30 just as terrifying as it was to start?  Have you been counting down the days till Day30 only to realized that it’s this week, and  you totally think that you have counted wrong?  Do you feel sad on the inside knowing the end is finally insight?  Don’t worry… we Read more about The Whole30: Day 26[…]

The Whole30: Day 19-22

Been wondering where I have been lately?  Me too… These past couple of days I have really felt myself getting hyper-focused on all things related to The Whole30. Lately I have found myself pulling away from friends because I wanted to prep my Whole30 meals.  And telling myself that staying up late to plan what I was going Read more about The Whole30: Day 19-22[…]

The Whole30: Day 6

Monday night I hosted our first Whole30 Challenge team meeting.  24 hours later… and still feel on cloud nine reliving the energy of our group discussions.  All day today I kept replaying the key statements made, the stories shared, and the take-away messages of yesterday.  I am blown away with the openness of the group and Read more about The Whole30: Day 6[…]