Whole30 Approved or Not?

Are you struggling trying to decipher if something is Whole30 approved or not?  You can have this, but not that… More of this, but limit that… Cook with this but don’t with that!  GOSH – it seems like with all the do’s and don’t… there has to be an easier way to figure this out! The next time Read more about Whole30 Approved or Not?[…]

Positive living… it’s contagious!

Positive living… it’s contagious!  Once you catch a taste… a glimpse… a moment… just that one bit of inspiration that leads into an action can bring you to feel like your on a roll!  Positivity is a mindset – welcome yourself to positive thinking, eating, and living.  Welcome to the Whole30 Round 2! If your new to the blog Read more about Positive living… it’s contagious![…]